“Bonbon” artifacts with the audience.”

Lands on Earth blazing, as if it is from another galaxy beyond this age…any object she encounters; clothes, paper, even plastic bottles turn to art in her hands.

She can make the World smile warmly by breaking new grounds mostly and without being confined to this age’s negatitives by finding her own technique and style at this young age.

Her depth and inspiration sometimes stems from common social problems and sometimes from her own moods. She thinks global, lives modern and casts colorful lights to present…

“I contribute a sense of immortality to outdated products with my touch by making them artifacts and saving them from the consumption monster. Shoes, caps, handbags, sunglasses, clothing which I ‘recycle’ with positive vibes. This series of mine called ‘Bonbon’.

Through HOOPOES, I will inclusively share the “Bonbon” artifacts with the audience.”

– Sevincy

Life is a series of experiences. Just like there is an end to each story, people and objects have their own ends and life span too. The artist plays around the ideal that everything has to end. Sevincy uses upcycled objects to mock the ideal, she gives them life when others just think they have become salvage. Considering this, Sevincy produces something that is both immortal and functional which people can interact with on many distinct levels.

“100% handmade”